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Appareils de mesure électronique : CHAUVIN ARNOUX Group est un spécialiste européen de l'équipement et de la maintenance des appareils de mesure électronique. Découvrez en ligne plus d'infos sur nos appareils de test et mesure, marques Chauvin Arnoux, Metrix, Enerdis ou Pyro-Contrôle

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 Pyro-Controle's expertise: Chemicals and Petrochemicals 

Our location in Lyon has proved a good choice: we grew up in the heart of "chemicon valley" allowing us to gain unrivalled experience in this field over a period of several decades.
Explosive atmospheres, corrosive, abrasive, oxidizing or reducing environments: we are familiar with your process's requirements and offer proven solutions.

Pyro-Controle's expertise: Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Pyrocontrole® : a dedicated Chemical Petrochemical offering


Your processes or specific needs / Our know-how :

Process sensor with thermowell : for measuring temperatures in pipes, tanks and leak-free processes, with an intercheable measuring element.


Multipoint sensor: for precise multi-temperature mapping


High-pressure temperature sensor: for measuring temperatures in extreme-pressure environments


Skin temperature sensors: for measuring tube surface (skin) temperatures


Temperature sensors: Quality and Safety of your temperature processes


Explosive environments: EEx "d", EEx "i" or EEx "e" temperature safety sensors

Sensor specifications: made to measure to your specifications

High-pressure polyethylene: Thermocouple sensors for high pressures

Chemical reactors: Multipoint assemblies

Demandez la doc NT53-01

Corrosive or saline environments: explosion-proof connection heads with 'i" safety, made of stainless steel

Corrosive environments: protectors made of special metals (nickel, hastelloy)

Corrosive environments: All types of coatings for protectors: PTFE, tantalum, rubber

Combustion reactors: EEx "d" assemblies capable of withstanding 1,700°C

Combustion reactors: Skin thermocouples for heat exchanger tubes

Abrasive atmospheres: All types of coatings for protectors: stellit welding, metallization, chromium plating

Profibus network: Thyristor power blocks

Hart protocol : Hart transmitters, in-head

Demandez la doc NT25-04

Modbus Protocol: C.A 3100 Transmitters

Measurements with quality traceability: periodic calibration of your sensitive elements by our COFRAC-accredited laboratory (no. 2-1385)


Pipework layout: Thyristor power blocks

TPC technology: THYRITOP 40 power pontrollers

Induction reactors: THYRITOP 40 power controllers

Process traceability: PYROTRACER digital recorder

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 Professionals in the Glass industry: check out our temperature control solutions!
Couverture plaquette verrerie de Pyrocontrole

 The Thyritop 30 is now available in a 3-phase version with 3-phase control

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earth resistance tester Capteurs de température Pyro-Contrôle
PyroControle capteurs de température pour la chimie et la pétrochimie Chemical & petrochemical
PyroControle capteurs de température et autoclaves pour le médical Medical
PyroControle capteurs de température de flamme, cannes de prélévement de gaz Pollution & emissions analysis
PyroControle cannes pyrométriques pour la verrerie Glass & ceramics
PyroControle thermocouples et capteurs de température industriels Semiconductor
PyroControle thermocouples multipoints Nuclear
PyroControle cannes de température à aspiration Energy
PyroControle cannes process et thermocouples pour la métallurgie Metallurgy
PyroControle capteurs pour température extrême Extreme temperatures
PyroControle étalonnage en température laboratoire Laboratory & research
PyroControle formation à la mesure des températures Training
PyroControle tests essais capteurs de de température Qualitative test
PyroControle métrologie de la température Metrology
PyroControle capteurs de température ADF ATEX PED ATEX, PED & EMC directives

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