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News from Enerdis

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26 June 2015

New range of communicating meters

Metering, submetering, energy monitoring and rebilling: discover the brand new range of MEMO4 communicating submeters from Enerdis®
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10 June 2015

2015 General Catalog

Information, advice, selection guides, etc. All the products and high-performance, innovative solution from Enerdis are divided into 4 major categories: - Energy performance - Energy quality - Measurement and instrumentation - Automation relays
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13 February 2015

ELOG is watching you!

Nothing escapes it: all your consumption data are now concentrated in the very latest innovation from Enerdis®, an automatic remote data-retrieval unit which records and stores your energy data.
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22 January 2015

Analogue panel meters

Choose the value to be watched to master and anticipate every risk on your electric installation
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19 January 2015

No more unanswered questions!

An answer to all the questions you ask on Enerdis products in the FAQ section
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28 July 2014

New update of the compteur-electrique.enerdis.com website

The www.compteur-electrique.enerdis.com website now includes a new section on data loggers, grouping all the products proposed by Enerdis®. Multi-energy pulse or data concentrators, automatic remote data retrieval unit for recording and storing...